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limit-fs is an elegant solution, for avoiding the uncontrolled growth of space occupied by backup and log files.

A filesystem manages how information is stored and recovered. Information is grouped in files, which are structured hierarchically, in order to facilitate their sorting.

There are many kinds of filesystems, and userspace (FUSE) ones are quite peculiar. Userspace filesystems allow non-privileged users to run the code of a filesystem in user space. The FUSE module acts as the only "bridge" to the kernel.

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Best filesystem for backups, temp or logs

If you have a habit of storing all your temporary files on your desktop (or any other folder) and forgot to remove them later, or if you use a device to store your backups, you will find that your computer get filled up easily with tons of files that you have no use for. Once that happens, cleaning up your computer becomes a tedious task and a troublesome chores. Here’s a quick and easy way to watch a folder for old files and delete them automatically.

Using a filesystem, like as limit-fs, that automatically check the used space and clean the oldest files if the space is about to saturate.
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